$1250+ 2020 Wingman Level Design Contest

Welcome to the 2020 Source Engine Discord Wingman Level Design Contest! If you’re new here, you may be asking “What is Wingman“?

The Wingman game mode consists of two versus two competitive matches on maps with one bombsite, a best-of-16 game format, and a special wingman skill group. The rules are similar to traditional competitive CS, but the game mode takes place on “compact” maps with only one bombsite. Compared to defusal maps, wingman versions are smaller with most of the map inaccessible behind invisible walls, and player spawns positioned much closer to the bombsite. The time for a single round in this game type is 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Source) 

Wingman level design guidelines

  • There should only be one objective. (bombsite, or active hostage)

  • Include two spawns for each team. Don’t forget the buyzones!

  • Make sure Ts have viable options for getting to the objective. While you shouldn’t overdo it with multiple routes, don’t leave them with one small entrance and a maze of cover. Think about including areas before chokepoints that Ts can use for utility and countering aggressive pushes.

  • Be sure that CTs have cover that they can utilize. When CTs guard a chokepoint they should be able to hold an angle well enough that it isn’t overpowered, and can also be countered. Make sure CTs always have an area they can fall back to.

  • Generally speaking, Ts should have a slight advantage at the main chokepoints and CTs should have a slight advantage from the objective and the area around it. Regardless of the meta you are  welcome to design layouts that twist these rules to create entirely new styles of gameplay.

  • Make sure you come up with a good theme for your map. Wingman allows for different ideas and inspirations because of the reduced area required for a map. Choose something that will work well with the game type.

  • Think about how Wingman plays. It’s a 2v2 with one objective. In many cases, rounds become a team-deathmatch where the objective is occasionally completed. Make sure to leave room for both of these scenarios to play out in a balanced manner.

  • Look at some Wingman maps on the workshop. See how theirs work (if at all). While there are official Valve wingman maps you can also look at, we don’t recommend them as models. These maps are normally blocked off parts of official defusal maps that were not designed with the gametype in mind.

Special thanks to our sponsors

Contest rules

 To ensure fairness and a fun competition for all, we require you to follow these rules.

  1. Contest start date is May 11th 2020.
  2. Submitted levels should be completed levels. If an uncompleted level is submitted, it will be judged in the state in which it was submitted.
    Particularly incomplete levels may not be judged at all.
  3. Ensure all custom content is packed into the level, missing content will impact the score of the level.
  4. Teams are allowed, but prizes won will be split based on how your team sees fit. Your team should determine how prizes should be split – this is not a task for the judges to handle. Prizes will not be rewarded to any team member until all members agree on the split.
  5. A maximum of one submission is allowed per person. This is to ensure quality over quantity.
  6. Porting content is allowed only with permission from the creator of that content.
  7. All levels must be completely new. This means they cannot have been released in any manner before the contest announcement.
  8. Maps must be submitted before 11:59PM on September 30th 2020 (CT Timezone). Late entries are not allowed for any reason.
    1. Steam Workshop has an approval process that can take up to 48 hours. Please don’t wait until the last minute to submit.


  1.  Visuals
    How good does the level look? How original is the theme? How are these visual implemented into the level?
  2. Gameplay
    How well does the level play? Is it balanced?
  3. Polish
    Smaller details like level Clipping, Optimization, Radar, Sound design, ect..


Judging will take place shortly after the contest’s end date. Our regular judges will first judge the levels and narrow them down the top ten maps.

Finalist judges will then judge these top ten levels with the announcement of the winners being declared soon after.




The Horse Strangler


1st place

$760 USD

1-Year subscription with 1000 credits a month to Textures.com

Spot on the Mapcore Wingman Hub for Season 7

2 Logitech Items!

3D printed Layout of Your Level, Error Model, and info_player_start

5 Games from the grab bag (see special thanks section)


2nd place

$430 USD

2500 credits to Textures.com

Spot on the Mapcore Wingman Hub for Season 7

2 Logitech Items!

3D printed Layout of Your Level, Error Model, and info_player_start

4 Games from the grab bag (see special thanks section)

3rd place

$260 usd

1000 credits to Textures.com

Spot on the Mapcore Wingman Hub for Season 7

1 Logitech Item!

3D printed Layout of Your Level, Error Model, and info_player_start

3 Games from the grab bag (see special thanks section)

Special thanks / Notes about prizes

The base prize pool started at $1250, but has expanded to more thanks to community contributors. (That is why it’s the $1250+ contest). Cash prizes will be paid over PayPal. The current cash prize total is: $1450

Prizes were contributed by our wonderful sponsors and members of our community. We would like to thank them all here.

Patreon supporters for their continued support to fund this prize pool, and support the level testing in the community. Through this support $500 of the prize pool was raised.

These users for additional funding of the prize pool: Counter-Strike Classic Offensive Dev Team ($100), CommonCrayon ($200), Maxgiddens ($100), Chief ($100), TopHATTwaffle ($250), theWhaleman ($15), Slimek ($5), mrpotato44 ($30), 7ark ($50), Squidski ($100)

Textures.com for donating credits to their awesome site. To claim the textures.com prizes, you need to have a free Textures.com account.

3D printed layouts of the level need to be manually created by TopHATTwaffle, then printed and shipped. Winners will be contacted to get this process started. If a team wins, only 1 person will receive the printed items, due to shipping constraints. If both members desperately want the items, please DM TopHATTwaffle.

Mapcore Wingman hubs will require you to work with the Mapcore hub staff to get your level prepared for hub use.

Logitech Prizes include a: 2x Pro Keyboard, G502 Mouse, G604 Mouse, and a Pro Headset. First place will get their choice of 2 items first, followed by second place, and 3rd gets the remaining item.

Grab bag list of games: Freedom Force (2 copies), NBA 2k16, Railroad Tycoon 3, Shadow Complex (Epic), Spec Ops the Line, The Beginners Guide, G-Ball, Dungeons 3, Hidden Folks, We Were Here Too, Old Man’s Journey

If you’d like to expand to the prize pool, you can contribute over PayPal. Make sure to specify in the note that it is to expand the 2020 Wingman Contest prize pool. Once received you will get a confirmation email back and the value will be added to the prize pool. To keep ourselves sane, all contributions under $5 will be added to the prize pool, but names will not be listed above.

The prize pool percentages are: 1st = 52%, 2nd = 30%, and 3rd = 18%. As contributions are made we will follow these splits to the nearest $5, favoring 1st.

If you want to contribute in some other way, direct message TopHATTwaffle to make other kinds of contributions.

As the prize pool increases, we will do out best to keep this page updated. So check back often! 



Q. Can I update my level after I’ve submitted it?

A. Yes you can, however updating it after the contest end date will result in the level being disqualified.


Q. Do I need to resubmit if I update the map?

A. No you do not. If you had to upload to a new workshop submission, let a judge know and we can update the old contest submission to use the new workshop entry.


Q. Can I make a hostage map?

A. Yes you can.


Q. What map prefixes do I use?

A. Use de_ and cs_


Q. Can I have someone make some assets for my map, even if they are working on their own level?

A. We still prefer you focus on your own submissions. However should you get someone to make some assets for your level, this is fine. They can (and should) be added as a contributor on the steam workshop. However they cannot be added to the contest submission. This is still only 1 contest submission per-person. This is also to prevent 1 person from getting multiple places, for instance, 1st and 2nd place.


Where can I go if I have questions not answered here? Join the Discord server here.

submitting an entry

To submit your level click here.