2020 Wingman Level Design Contest Results

The Source Engine Discord 2020 Wingman contest has ended. We received a total of 94 maps created by talented community designers. If you are unfamiliar with the contest, please give the original post a quick read.

Before announcing the winners, big thanks to the wonderful sponsors of this contest. Without them this would not have been possible.

Special thanks to our sponsors


A staff member from the Source Engine Discord will reach out to the winners to distribute the prizes outlined below.

1st place

$760 USD

1-Year subscription with 1000 credits a month to Textures.com

Spot on the Mapcore Wingman Hub for Season 7

2 Logitech Items!

3D printed Layout of Your Level, Error Model, and info_player_start

5 Games from the grab bag (see special thanks section)

2nd place

$430 USD

2500 credits to Textures.com

Spot on the Mapcore Wingman Hub for Season 7

2 Logitech Items!

3D printed Layout of Your Level, Error Model, and info_player_start

4 Games from the grab bag (see special thanks section)

3rd place

$260 USD

1000 credits to Textures.com

Spot on the Mapcore Wingman Hub for Season 7

1 Logitech Item!

3D printed Layout of Your Level, Error Model, and info_player_start

3 Games from the grab bag (see special thanks section)

Special thanks / Notes about prizes

The base prize pool started at $1250, but has expanded to more thanks to community contributors. (That is why it’s the $1250+ contest). Cash prizes will be paid over PayPal. The current cash prize total is: $1450

Prizes were contributed by our wonderful sponsors and members of our community. We would like to thank them all here.

Patreon supporters for their continued support to fund this prize pool, and support the level testing in the community. Through this support $500 of the prize pool was raised.

These users for additional funding of the prize pool: Counter-Strike Classic Offensive Dev Team ($100), CommonCrayon ($200), Maxgiddens ($100), Chief ($100), TopHATTwaffle ($250), theWhaleman ($15), Slimek ($5), mrpotato44 ($30), 7ark ($50), Squidski ($100)

Textures.com for donating credits to their awesome site. To claim the textures.com prizes, you need to have a free Textures.com account.

3D printed layouts of the level need to be manually created by TopHATTwaffle, then printed and shipped. Winners will be contacted to get this process started. If a team wins, only 1 person will receive the printed items, due to shipping constraints. If both members desperately want the items, please DM TopHATTwaffle.

Mapcore Wingman hubs will require you to work with the Mapcore hub staff to get your level prepared for hub use.

Logitech Prizes include a: 2x Pro Keyboard, G502 Mouse, G604 Mouse, and a Pro Headset. First place will get their choice of 2 items first, followed by second place, and 3rd gets the remaining item.

Grab bag list of games: Freedom Force (2 copies), NBA 2k16, Railroad Tycoon 3, Shadow Complex (Epic), Spec Ops the Line, The Beginners Guide, G-Ball, Dungeons 3, Hidden Folks, We Were Here Too, Old Man’s Journey

If you’d like to expand to the prize pool, you can contribute over PayPal. Make sure to specify in the note that it is to expand the 2020 Wingman Contest prize pool. Once received you will get a confirmation email back and the value will be added to the prize pool. To keep ourselves sane, all contributions under $5 will be added to the prize pool, but names will not be listed above.

The prize pool percentages are: 1st = 52%, 2nd = 30%, and 3rd = 18%. As contributions are made we will follow these splits to the nearest $5, favoring 1st.


1st Place – Extraction

Extraction is the first place winner! Featuring a beautifully crafted modern beach house where things took a turn for the worse. The owner is held hostage and it is up to you to rescue him using one of the 2 extraction points. Gear up, and go save someone!

Congratulations to creators: Fnugz, MadsenFK, and Andi

You can check out the map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2238701164

2nd Place – orion

The Orion Research Facility located on the moon welcomes all who want to visit. Humans, hostages, and even chickens! This map features low gravity along with interesting vertical pathing to keep things fun. Combined that with a beautiful sci-fi aesthetic to keep you coming back for more. Put on your space suit and go get em!

Congratulations to creators: Slimek, Squidski, and KlixX

You can check out the map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2238607969

3rd place – calavera

Dia de Muertos is right around the corner! Get in the sprit of the holiday by stopping the nasty group of terrorists that want to end the celebrations. This level is fantasticly designed to have vertical gameplay in a beautiful space. Don’t forget the door on the bottom floor!

Congratulations to creators: Squink, and T-R3x3r

You can check out the map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2242472711